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Unit Sizes

Size Residential Storage Commercial Storage
5×5 25 square feet Small furniture, bicycles, desk & chair, book shelf, a few small boxes 35 Standard File Boxes
5×8 40 square feet Small furniture, bicycles, desk & chair, book shelf, several small boxes 50 Standard File Boxes, Computer
5×10 50 square feet Table, chairs, couch, mattress set, etc. – Fits furnishings of one bedroom apartment 85 Standard File Boxes, Small Desk
10×10 100 square feet Boxes, couch, desk, etc. – Fits furnishings of a one or two bedroom apartment. 175 Standard File Boxes, Small Desk, Small Filing Cabinets
10×15 150 square feet Bedroom set, couch desk & chair and several boxes. – Fits furnishings of a two bedroom apartment. 205 Standard File Boxes, Desks and Chairs
10×25 250 square feet Couches, refridgerator, lawnmower, boxes, etc. – Fitst furnishings of a three bedroom apartment 315 Standard File Boxes, Desk, Chairs & Filing Cabinets
10×30 300 square feet Couches, washer/dryer, refridgerator, bed sets and several boxes OR car/truck/boat/ATVs – Fits furnishings of a small house. 375 Standard File Boxes, Office Furniture, Desks, Computers & Small Filing Cabinets

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